• Oilfield Cementing
  • Hydro vacs
  • Steamers
  • Mobile Water Jet Cutter
  • Vacuum Truck

Specializing in environmentally friendly excavation, and well-head abandonment without ground disturbance.

Serving regions of

  • Lac La Biche
  • Conklin
  • Wabasca- Desmarais
  • Athabasca
  • Boyle
  • Fort McMurray
  • Smoky Lake
  • Bonnyville
  • Cold Lake
  • Grassland
  • Wandering River


  • 1 truck (Tridem drive) will carry in an enclosed van the following:
    • Water (7 cu. Meters)
    • Cement (7 cu. Meters)
    • Water heater
    • Cement pump and hoses
    • Cement mixer (volumetric)
  • Truck is a pumper, bulker, water truck and steam truck all in one.
  • Capable of 5-6 cu/meter cement squeeze (up to 21,000 kpa at rate of 0-130 lpm)


  • Replaces:
    • Pumper
    • Bulker
    • Water truck
    • Steam truck
    • Vac-truck (cementer only requires 200 litres to wash out – which flushes down hole)
    • Two man crew (less man power)
    • No tractor trailer bulker; better traction and maneuverability
    • Substantial cost savings


  • Cementing truck has one engine which powers:
    • Truck
    • Cement pump
    • Cement mixer
    • Water heater & pump
  • Other conventional methods would require up to 7 engines
    • Cementing pumper: 2 engines
    • Bulker: one engine
    • Steam truck: two engines
    • Water truck: one engine
  • One engine running compared to 7 engines running means less CO2 emissions.

Well Abandonment Program

Equipment supplied

  • Tri-Drive Waterjet Cutter – Hydrovac unit complete with:
    • Water
    • Welder
    • Hydro Vac unit to remove any potential contaminated soil
  • Tri-drive truck to transport excavator and haul away wellheads
  • Rubber tire excavator


  • Wellhead cut from inside wellbore using high pressure water and abrasive sand
  • Once cut pulled out using excavator
  • Capped with steel plate welded to centralizer collar
  • Remaining hole easily filled


  • 2 man crew, no need to bring in other contractors
  • Minimal ground disturbance, no open excavation required
  • Less equipment, less emissions
  • Procedure priced per wellhead
  • Fast and efficient, can perform several procedures in a day (average 3 per day)
  • Can travel on 75% road ban roads

Tridem and tandem units available

Well trained operators with years of experience

Newer well maintained eqiupment

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